About Henley

A Club for the Interested and Interesting

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Henley is a private social club in Melbourne. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and represent the future of Australian leadership.

“I joined Henley Club to meet like-minded people who care about having a positive social impact. I’ve found it to be a really generous community with members always willing to share their knowledge and contacts. The opportunities to collaborate have far exceeded my expectations.”

– Rahul Soans, Co-Founder of Balancing Act 3

What’s Henley Membership All About?


Become part of a collaborative group of individuals who value contribution, thoughtfulness and growth.

Instead of fleeting introductions at networking events, build robust friendships over the long term.

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, artists, and innovative professionals who are helping each other to make a positive global impact.


For the curious and creative, Henley provides a lifetime of learning and lively experiences.

Access Australia’s top thinkers and leaders through our unique and intimate event format.

The club facilitates a range of events, including: retreats to unplug and connect deeply with other members; launches that uncover emerging Melbourne art; professional development workshops; fine food and wine appreciation events; as well as more informal social drinks and get-togethers.

These exclusive members-only events challenge traditional thinking, broaden horizons, and provide opportunities to mix in an informal way with influential minds from diverse industries and areas of expertise.


Members have 24-hour access to the clubhouse in the heart of the city.

It can be used as a quiet alternative to a co-working space; an informal but impressive meeting location; or an exclusive venue for workshops, events and launches.

The best ideas ideas come from unexpectedly bumping into someone in a shared environment. The clubhouse is buzzing with opportunities for creative collaboration.


Become part of a sought-after group of Melbourne influencers.

It has been said that your network becomes your net worth. Henley will expose you to a diverse group of professionals who can open doors across multiple industries.

Henley members are actively helping each other make a difference.

Meet emerging and established business people, discover capital networks, explore recruitment or investment opportunities.


The Henley community seeks to elevate the world through social enterprise, entrepreneurship, arts, policy, and wellness.

Henley members are socially engaged, understand issues in a broad community context and seek to drive positive change.

Henley Club is a certified B Corp.

“It’s easy to go to networking events and feel like you’re having the same surface level conversation over and over again. What I like about Henley is that I’ve made real lasting friendships at the club. I’ve met amazing people I would never have connected with otherwise. We really care about each other’s success and growth.”

– Anna Newberry, Senior Engineer, Driver Assistance Technologies at Ford