Planning an event or party is seldom easy, with plenty of organisation and getting different people into the same space required. Technology, thankfully, has significantly advanced over the years however. These advancements in technology have allowed event planners, amongst other professions, to more easily plan and organise for all of their upcoming events. Continue reading to find out some of the best technology available for event planners.


Having a laptop has become almost essential for an event planner these days, with the portability being a major benefit. Much work gets done online, with calendars organised in online diaries and a whole world of information being at our hands – having a laptop can be an ideal way for event organisers to always be able to do some work, whether they’re in the office or are attending meetings and setting up for events. The best news is that high-end laptops such as Apple’s range of MacBooks are becoming increasingly affordable, with apple products refurbished australia from sites such as mResell providing an easy way of obtaining fully-working refurbished MacBooks and even iPhones. The best thing about buying a refurbished product is that it’s been tested and repaired to ensure everything works how it should, whilst also being a fraction of the cost of buying brand new – which your business account will thank you for.


Our mobile phones are becoming increasingly advanced, with us now being able to do considerably more than simply make a phone call or send a message. Event planners can use their mobile devices to check their emails and calendars on the go, ensuring everything is well organised and any upcoming events run as smoothly as possible. A mobile phone will also allow an event organiser to communicate with clients and any suppliers whilst on the move, removing the need to sit around in the office all day whilst waiting for that all-important phone call from a prominent client.

Social Media

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram have taken the world by storm, with billions of people all around the world logging in and sharing their lives with family and friends each month. In this modern era, never has it been more vital for an event planning business to be active online. Having a Facebook page and an account on other platforms such as Twitter can provide a quick and simple way of promoting your services and attracting new clients to trust you with their party organising needs. These social network sites can also be used to provide even better customer-service and speedy ways of communicating with your clients. It’s becoming increasingly common for customers to take to sites such as Twitter when they wish to resolve an issue with a brand, so putting your own business on these platforms will allow customers to engage more than ever and in easier ways than previously available.

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