Birthdays are special occasions in our lives. They happen only once every year. It is a time or you to acknowledge the birth anniversary. Here is why you should celebrate your birthday.

To Mark Your Beginning

The day you were born marked the beginning of a new life in this world. You were created for a purpose, something you need to fulfill when living. It is an excellent chance to show that you have another chance in life to achieve and meet your individual mission. Therefore, it is a momentous event that must be remembered just as nations celebrate their independence. It is a chance to give thanks and appreciate the growth in life.

Bond With Family and Friends

Birthdays present the opportunity to bond with your family and friends. In most cases, people will make an effort to make you happy on your birthday. They may ask you to make a wish, which surpasses personal gifts. You will engage in activities that will be with you forever.

Source of Motivation

Since your birth, you have been through highs and lows. You have done exceptionally well and also made some mistakes. It is a chance to make you overcome all bad mistakes, celebrate excellent achievements, and motivate you to get better.